Fun Winter things to do in Collingwood

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When you have lived in a town for awhile you can forget to look for new things to do, or forget about the things that initially drew you here. Or maybe you are new to town, or thinking about moving here.

Even during the winter the outdoor activities in Collingwood abound. While the lake is frozen over you have to take a trip down to the Collingwood grain elevators, it is totally different than in the summer. Right now there are lots of fishing huts of all sizes and styles out on the ice, if you are lucky you may catch a fisherman in action. Without the commitment to buying all the gear you can actually do a rental, and have a fun authentically Canadian winter experience. If fishing isn’t your speed there is also a skating rink right out on the lake, in spots the ice is so clear you can see through feet of thick beautiful ice.Collingwood Real Estate

As you stand there you can see the waterfront condos at The Shipyards, Cranberry, Rupert Landing & Lighthouse Point, all with spectacular views of the vast frozen Georgian Bay. Beyond the shoreline you see the beautiful snow covered Blue Mountains in the distance. Up There you can enjoy a day of skiing at one of the many ski hills, or go hiking or snowshoeing in the snowy forest. You can go cross country skiing along the Georgian Trail you could continue along to Thornbury for a drink.

Collingwood is a great place to live, with lots to do, a fun outdoor lifestyle and people that take advantage of it. If you are thinking of moving here to start living the Collingwood outdoor  lifestyle then contact me and I will tell you about the Collingwood real estate market and how you too can live where you play!