Almost Spring on Georgian Bay

[av_dropcap2 color=”default” custom_bg=”#444444″]C[/av_dropcap2]ollingwood Real Estate tip: 25 days until Spring! It’s time to start getting your house ready to list!

It’s just 25 days to the official start of spring! If you’re considering putting your house on the market, you should start preparing your home very soon, because you don’t want to miss out on the high time for home sales. Getting your house ready to list can sometimes take longer than you expect, so getting a jump on it is a good idea.  A good way to kickstart you & motivate you, is to look at homes for sale on the market where you are intending to purchase. By starting to look it will show you what the market place is like, what you competition will be like and also get you in the mood and ready to want to list your house, because you see where you’re headed. It will also give you a more realistic point of view when you are deciding how to price your home. (I provide my clients with information about Comparable Properties and together we find a list price).

Collingwood Real Estate Comparables

for sale

When you are at other houses, pay attention to what you notice, these are the things that others will notice too, and at your house as well! Things like organization, lack of clutter, cleanliness, fresh smell, new paint, quiet doors etc., will actually help the sale of your home. For more tips on getting your home ready for sale read my article “Listing Your Home”. If you are almost ready to list, contact me and we can talk about the process & how to prepare your home for sale. We will also look at what’s on the Collingwood Market, to use as comparable listings, to help choose a competitive list price. We can also begin the search for a new home at the same time, so that you are ready for the next step as well.

Call or email me and we can discuss listing your home.