Collingwood Real Estate – Selling your home

Deciding to sell your home is a big decision; it is the first step towards your new future. But between then & now there are many other decisions to be made; I would like to help guide you through.

The first step before listing is to prepare your home, by fixing any issues big or small, giving top to bottom cleaning, de cluttering, and freshening up your home, you are putting your best foot forward. It allows you to actually begin packing some things away for your move, making less work later. It will also let people focus on the benefits of your house rather than being distracted by non-issues.

Once your home is ready to be put on the market we will go over the current and sold listings that are similar to yours to find the right price, photos will be taken, papers signed, marketing begins and the sign goes up.

Selling your home is stressful at some point for everyone, my job is to help navigate you through the process and to try to alleviate that stress.

For more information give me a call and we can talk about a plan to get your house ready to list!