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In case you are looking for new place to live that is dynamic, practical, and affordable, then Thornbury, Ontario, Canada, is probably your best bet. This is beautiful area is quite diverse, and offers residents with the opportunity to enjoy several wonderful l aspects such as music, shopping facilities, dining, art galleries, and all-season outdoor adventures.

Thornbury Riverwalk

This lovely community is ideally situated at the intersection of the Beaver River and Gregorian Bay, and serves as the business hub of the tow, which is renowned for its Blue Mountains. To say the least, Thornbury can be compared to a four-season destination resort. This is because beautiful waters, lush mountains, hotels, and private ski-clubs surround it, and there is a championship golf tournament facility located near Lora Bay and the Gregorian Club.

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The Beaver and Gregorian trail are also another wonderful feature of the Thornbury community. They provide guest and locals with the best setting to enjoy activities such as cycling, hiking, and snowshoeing.

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In case you still need more reasons, why this is a one-of-a-kind community, you should know that guests and residents have access to water parks, beaches, tennis courts, and swimming at the pier. In addition, Thornbury Harbor serves as the headquarters of the Municipal Marina and Thornbury Yatch club. Some of its recreational activities include the Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg and Valley Community Centre.

Riverwalk Condos for sale Thornbury

Furthermore, even though Thornbury is well-known for being a perfect destination for shopping, dining, art, and outdoor activities, it is still one of the best places for people to raise their families. As a result, it has in turn become an ideal area for retired individuals looking for a place to settle that is fun and beautiful.

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This particular area of Thornbury is renowned for quality construction and continuous practical upgrades. Some of its main features include a rooftop fitness and lounge area with breath-taking Bay Views, a common kitchen situated on the ground floor, a wide range of floor plans, indoor parking, and exceptional landscaping attributes.

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Its main amenities largely boil down to:

1. A rooftop gym and lounge
2. Common room
3. It is nearby a Parkland and Marina

When it comes to bedrooms, one may pick anything from one to three-bedroom houses. In terms of sizes, the properties tend to range between 954 to 1540 square feet. As one can clearly see from the information provided above, you cannot go wrong with Riverwalk, Thronbury when it comes to real estate.

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