Creekside Collingwood homes for sale

Whether you’re looking to purchase a cozy bungalow, a semi-detached townhouse, a spacious two storey family home or an apartment in a luxury condominium, you’ll find your ideal property in Creekside Collingwood. A luxury community in Collingwood which boasts 280 single family homes.

Homes for sale Creekside Collingwood

Creekside was developed by Devonleigh Holmes between 2007-2013 and features properties which range in size from 1,000 square feet to 2,300 square feet. With most properties boasting spacious 2-4 bedroom homes. Some of which offer multiple lounges. Which ensure that everyone in your family has their own space.

This picturesque, safe community is conveniently located within a short drive of downtown Collingwood, where you’ll find a wide variety of stores and restaurants as well as a cinema, a library, and a heated indoor swimming pool. If you’re also interested in traveling into town using public transportation, you’ll also be able to catch inexpensive public transportation into the city.

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Creekside homes for sale

If you’re looking to move to Collingwood with a young family, you’ll also appreciate the fact that you’ll have a variety of prestigious schools on your doorstep. After all one of your biggest considerations, when it comes to choosing a new neighborhood is whether it offers quality schools for your children.

Better yet this particular neighborhood also boasts a wide variety of parks and playgrounds, where your children can run around and play to their heart’s content. Creekside Park, even boasts a full-sized basketball court as well as a well-maintained beach volleyball court. Both of which are sure to be a hit with tweens and teenagers.

Creekside condos for sale

Better yet, your new community borders on Collingwood’s trails, which feature 60km of groomed trails, which appeal to cyclists, hikers, and runners. So if you’re looking to increase your fitness, it’s well worth shopping for suitable properties. You can even take your dog on some of the trails that are available.

Creekside houses for sale

If you’re single, you may be interested in purchasing a luxury apartment in the neighborhood’s custom-built condominium. Which offers a wide variety of on-site amenities such as meticulously maintained gardens a modern, fully equipped gym and an on-site cafe.

If you need further convincing you may be tempted by the fact that you’ll be located a stone’s throw from the Blue Mountain Resort. Which is one of Ontario’s most popular ski resorts.

Creekside townhouses for sale

So if you like the sound of spending your winters on the slopes and your summers exploring Collingwood’s trails, it’s well worth getting in contact with our friendly team, to see what properties are currently on offer.

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Eleven Bay Street Thornbury

Eleven Bay Street Thornbury

If you have your heart set on moving to an exclusive neighborhood which boasts phenomenal water views, you may be interested in moving to Eleven Bay Street. A luxurious neighborhood which boasts 13, manor style townhouses, all of which are opulently furnished and feature marble, private elevators, solid oak floors, grand fireplaces and private en-suites. Some of which feature bathtubs which boast spa style jets.

Thornbury Eleven Bay Street

Each manor style townhouse boasts 3-4 large double bedrooms, with the smallest lots measuring 2247 square feet and the largest lots available measuring 3732 square feet. So whether you’re looking for a family home or a home which boasts plenty of room for a personal gym or a movie room, you may have found your ideal neighborhood.

Eleven Bay Street Condos Thornbury

As a bonus, each house also offers plenty of outdoor space, to entertain your family and friends, during the warm summer months.

This stunning neighborhood is located at the mouth of the Beaver River and boasts spectacular views of Thornbury Harbor. Which is home to the Thornbury Yacht Club. Which is currently open to new members and regularly hosts a wide array of social events.

Eleven Bay Street Town homes for sale Thornbury

If you’re keen on applying for membership, you’ll be pleased to find out that there are stairs which lead directly from your new neighborhood to the yacht club. Which means that you’ll be able to consume alcoholic beverages without having to worry about having a sober driver. This luxurious community is located within a short walking distance of downtown Thornbury, where you’ll find a variety of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. So whether you’re looking to catch up for a coffee with a friend or to purchase a gift for a loved one, you’ll find that you’re spoil for choice.

Eleven Bay Street Condos for sale Thornbury

If you’re keen on spending as much time as you can, exploring the great outdoors, you’re also in luck as this particular neighborhood is located within driving distance of a wide variety of well-maintained hiking and cycling trails as well as multiple world-class ski resorts and golf clubs. So you’ll have no excuse not to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

Eleven Bay Street Thornbury condo listings

Better yet, a gorgeous municipal park is located adjacent to Eleven Bay Street. Which happens to boast tennis courts, a basketball court, and a large lake. The latter of which is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed family picnic.

Eleven Bay Street Thornbury MLS listings

So if the thought of moving to an exclusive, luxurious community appeals, it’s well worth getting in touch with our friendly team, for more information.

For more information on Thornbury houses for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.

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Bayside Villas Thornbury

Bayside Villas is a private collection of twenty four townhouse condominiums. The exact location of these condominiums is just steps to Georgian Bay at 63 Bay Street West, Thornbury, Ontario, Canada. These condominiums have attracted a lot of attention from people who would like to buy or rent such houses in this
area. This is mainly because of their location where people who buy or rent gets an opportunity to enjoy the fine weather in this area and different outdoor activities.


Thornbury Bayside Villas

The town homes that makes up Bayside Villas,Thornbury were built in the 80s where they were built using strong and durable materials. To meet the needs of the modern market and to ensure the houses are in good conditions they were updated recently. These updates involved extensive exterior improvements including state of the art sliding. The updates provide the houses with modern amenities therefore making the houses ideal even for the relatively young home owners who might need the modern amenities.

Bayside Villas Condos Thornbury

The houses have a traditional style where they feature an open concept main floor and two level for full basement. The end units are designed in a way that they are larger with 3 levels and full basement. Some of the in this area have water views making them even more attractive. These houses are also strategically located across the street from the water front park, marina, beach and within a walking distance to down town Thornbury.

Bayside Villas Town homes for sale Thornbury

The specific features of these houses includes that their sizes range from 1400 to 2, 100 square feet. The number of bedrooms ranges from three to five therefore giving people the freedom to choose the townhomes that suit their needs perfectly. The prices of the houses in Bayside Villas,Thornbury range from $250, 000 to $350, 000. The rental fees for these houses range from $450 to $550 per month.

Bayside Villas Condos for sale Thornbury

The additional amenities that people who buy or rent these town homes get to enjoy include; tennis courts, outdoor pool and a basketball court, steps to beach, trails, landscaping, harbor, water views, snow removal, walk to restaurants and walk to stores. This makes these town homes ideal even for people with families.

Bayside Villas Thornbury condo listings

Our team has the capacity and ability to help almost anyone who needs to buy or rent a house in this area. We have been operating in this area for a considerable long time and as a result we can conveniently help in getting the house with all the right qualities. Our team will do almost all the work and will also provide helpful insight so as to make the entire process simple.

Bayside Villas Thorbury MLS listings

Therefore, anyone looking to buy or rent a house in the Bayside Villas should just contact us to get the necessary assistance.

For more information on Thornbury condos for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.



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Mariner’s Walk Wasaga Beach

If you love placid, blue and vastly spread out beach water and would like to build your dream home near it, then you have reasons to spend a few minutes going through this article. As far as Canada is concerned there is no doubt that Wasaga Beach has become one of the popular choices for building that dream home. It is famous for offering the world’s largest freshwater beach. It attracts many tourists and is a popular summer destination. Over the years it has moved forward from being just a tourist destination.

Wasaga Beach Mariner’s Walk

Quite a few new services, amenities, markets and other facilities have come up to cater to the growing population, many of whom are on the lookout for the right homes.  Why It Is Popular Apart from being a popular tourist destination there are a few more reasons as to why it makes sense to invest in real estate in this part of Canada. The prices of real estate properties still continue to be quite attractive and therefore as a customer you can be sure that you will get the best value for money. Further, it could be the ideal location for those who are employees and job goers.

Mariner’s Walk homes for sale Wasaga Beach

It is situated at a convenient distant from places like Midland, Barrie, Collingwood and Borden. They have quite a few factories, offices and business establishments. Holidays and weekends in wasaga Beach could also be great because it offers some of the best entertainment facilities. Apart from having the best of supermarkets, malls, entertainment facilities, you also can enjoy the best of fishing, golfing, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, snowmobiling and much more.

Mariner’s Walk Condos for sale Wasaga Beach

You also have the famous YMCA and high quality multiplexes situated right in the heart of Wasaga Beach. When you spend some time, do the right research and buy properties from names like Mariners Walk you have quite a few things positive about it. It could be the best place to be for families and even elderly people to spend their retired life peacefully and in the best of surroundings and environments.

Mariner’s Walk Wasaga Beach condo listings

The neighborhoods in and around Wasaga Beach are famous for high quality individual homes. You can enjoy the best of facilities and amenities like club house, outdoor pools, hot tubs, waterfront location and much more. You can choose from two to four bedrooms and the size of the homes could vary from 1200 square feet to around 3300 square feet or more.

Mariner’s Walk Wasaga Beach MLS listings

Therefore if you are keen on identifying an ideal property in this amazing location, it makes sense to get in touch with a few reliable and experienced real estate agents

For more information on Wasaga Beach condos for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.



Aqua Luxury Wasaga Beach

If you have your heart set on moving into a condominium which boasts a wide variety of on-site facilities and amenities, you may be interested in looking at properties at Aqua Luxury Beach Residences. A modern, 3-storey condominium complex which is located mere steps away from Wasaga Beach.

Wasaga Beach Aqua Luxury

Each of the 36, spacious 2-3 bedroom condominiums boast a modern open plan living area. Which is ideal if you enjoy hosting your friends and family members for social events such as dinner parties. Each condo also boasts 10′ high ceilings, which creates a sense of space as well as luxurious European designed kitchens.

Best of all, each condo also boasts a large outdoor terrace, which will offer unbeatable views of picturesque Georgian Bay and the Blue Mountains. So if you’re keen on waking up to gorgeous water views and mountain views each day, you may have found the ideal condominium complex for your family.

Aqua Luxury homes for sale Wasaga Beach

Before choosing a condo to call home, make sure to view the 10 different floor plans which are on offer, in order to select a floor plan, which best suits your personal preferences.

If you choose to move to Aqua Luxury Beach Residences, you’ll be able to enjoy the complex’s private outdoor pool. Which is the perfect place to spend your afternoons during the hot summer months. Better yet as the complex only contains 36 apartment style condos, so you can rest assured that there will always be room to swim and sunbathe. As an added benefit the complex also boasts a community courtyard and a landscaped garden, which is the perfect place to enjoy a summer picnic or read a book.

Aqua Luxury Condos for sale Wasaga Beach

If you plan on moving to Wasaga Beach with a young family, your children will also love getting to run around and play in the complex’s on-site water park. Which offers plenty of unique ways for your children to cool off during Ontario’s long hot summers. As an added benefit, should you choose to purchase a condo, your children will spend little time inside playing on their computers as the complex also features a large playground.

Aqua Luxury Wasaga Beach condo listings

Another benefit of purchasing a luxury condo which is located in the heart of Wasaga Beach is that you’ll be able to walk to a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and boutique stores. So if you’re looking to move into a luxury condominium which is part of a thriving beach community, it’s well worth finding out more information about making the best move of your life.

For more information on Wasaga Beach homes for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.


Cranberry Trail West Collingwood

Discover a Family-Oriented and Nature-Friendly Neighborhood at Cranberry Trail West, Collingwood.

Looking for a home can be quite overwhelming for people who have specific preferences and particular lifestyles. However, searching for a neighborhood that has a central location and great amenities is always possible with proper assistance and with the right guidance. If you are looking for a place that offers a pleasant and family-friendly vibe with lots of open spaces and natural landscape, Cranberry Trail West, Collingwood is one neighborhood that you should consider.


Cranberry Trail West homes for sale

Located at the heart of Ontario’s enchanting recreational destination and at the foot of Blue Mountain; Collingwood is a beautiful and interesting town that promises wonderful amenities and great real estate properties. Also known as a first class destination among tourists because of its location and year-round recreational activities, it combines its vibrant atmosphere perfectly with its historical charm. The town is also equipped with great communities and lovely neighbourhoods that are highly accessible, comfortable and convenient.

Cranberry Trail West condos for sale

Formerly referred to as Cranberry Links, Cranberry Trail West is a great community for families who prefer a homey and comforting environment. Aside from its magnificent and natural landscape, it is also surrounded by environmentally-protected wetlands and the Cranberry Golf Course. The location which is highly accessible to the Georgian Trail system for biking, hiking and walking and also offers convenience and advantage to commuters of being close to Hwy 26. It is also within a short distance towards the marina which is located in the west end of Collingwood.

To contact a top Collingwood real estate broker call 705-331-3341.

Cranberry Trail West MLS listings

Depending on the size of your family, your specific preferences, an lifestyle, there are several house options to choose from such as a townhouse, 2-story and 1.5 story bungalow, semi-detached and side split units, 3 and 4-level houses, and bungalow ranch houses. The number of bedrooms range from 1 to 5 depending on the type of building and size. Property size ranges from 700 to 2,400 square feet.

Built between 1994 to 2006, the houses are traditional with modern elements. Surrounded by open space and nature, it is the perfect dwelling for families who love a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Amenities include a private community swimming pool, landscaping, and single or double garage. The sale price of the properties range from $165,000. to $400,000 depending on several factors such as size, style, age and area among others. Monthly condo fee is between $200. and $400. Homeowners also have the option to purchase a membership at nearby Cranberry Resort to gain access to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, clubhouse, tennis court and other private facilities.

Cranberry Trail West houses for sale

Cranberry Trail West, Collingwood is an excellent choice of neighbourhood for families who love open spaces, multiple amenities, lots of outdoor activities and a delightful view all year round. Our real estate expert team would be happy to assist you should you have any particular needs, questions or would like to look at some.

For more information on Collingwood real estate agents contact us at 705-331-3341.


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Applejack Condos Thornbury

Applejack is one of the condominium neighborhoods in Thornbury, Ontario, Canada. This resort community is located on the west side of Thornbury and few minutes’ walk from the town’s fantastic shops, restaurants, Arena, Waterfront Park and other popular attractions. If you want to have fun away from the quaint town of Thornbury, the condo community is situated a few kilometers drive from golf clubs and ski resorts.

 Applejack Thornbury

The town has established itself has one of the major recreation areas for the southern part of Ontario. Most units in this neighborhood were first built between 1988 and 1989, along 127 Alfred Street and 150 Victoria Street. There is an enclave of newer units known as The Woods at Applejack. These units were built between 2001 and 2003, along 110 Napier Street. They are upscale bungalow and two level townhomes ranging from 1200 to 2000 square feet.

Condos Applejack Thornbury

Applejack Thornbury features beautiful high-end units with engineered flooring and modern features. They have a range of between 1 and 4 bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms. The unit’s styles feature two and three level townhomes ranging from 900 sq. ft. to 1,900 sq. ft.
Many units in this condo community have been updated and feature open concept living on the main floor and decks or patios backing onto landscaped gardens or green space.

 Applejack Town homes for sale Thornbury

Residents around this neighborhood include a mix of mix of full- and part-time residents. Part-time residents are seasonal residents who leave the town for several weeks or months during the cold months or hottest summer months.

 Applejack Condos for sale Thornbury

If amenities are a priority in condo living for you, you are in luck. This resort community has popular amenities which include a games room, clubhouse, two outdoor pools and four tennis courts. The clubhouse can be rented by individuals and corporations for private functions. The condo community also has full finished basements and mature landscaping that really distinguishes the lifestyle offered to its residents.
Sale Price Range

Applejack Thornbury condo listings

The sale price ranges from $200,000 to $400,000. The condo fee ranges from $175 to $350 monthly. While many resale units continue to be updated, there are still many unique and friendly opportunities for value-priced resales.

Applejack Thornbury MLS listings

If you are looking for more information about this condo community, feel free to contact our team of professional real estate agents. We are here to help you achieve your real estate needs.

For more information on Thornbury homes for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.

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Cranberry Resort Collingwood Condos

Cranberry resort contributes to being an all-year vacation paradise that provides assistance to the visitors in rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit. The attentive team members have immense knowledge and they make consistent efforts in meeting the requirements of every guest with courteous, prompt, professional and friendly attitude. It is considered to be the ideal options for families to enjoy a memorable holiday.

Cranberry Resort homes for sale

The tree-lined championship style course confers skill levels to different players. You are sure to get mesmerized with strategically placed water hazards, manicured greens, natural scenery. It offers a wide array of amenities for your friends and families. It is inclusive of the outdoor pool, indoor pool, recreation center, games room, fitness facilities, luxury spa, full-service marina, and a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities.

Cranberry Resort condos for sale

The Cranberry Resort,Collingwood is nestled on the Cranberry Golf resort property of 750 acres in the west end of Collingwood. The village has gained high popularity owing to the amenities, location, and affordability. It is nestled at an ideal location at a close proximity to restaurants and shopping, waterfront and marina. The beaches and ski hills are nestled within the drive of ten minutes duration.

To contact a top Collingwood realtor call 705-331-3341.

Cranberry Resort MLS listings


Here is a look at the top amenities found in Cranberry Resort,Collingwood

The recreation Centre

It is staffed and confers different camps and programs to children. You are sure to find playground, tennis courts, outdoor family pool, lounge, activity rooms here.

Golf resort hotel

It comprises of restaurant, meeting rooms, indoor saltwater pool and fitness center

Collingwood Cranberry Resort Condos

Cranberry marina

It is nestled on the northern side of Hwy. 26, off Harbour Street. Seasonal. You can avail transient docking for almost 140 boats along with maximum 60-inch length and 7′ draft. The marina provides a plethora of watercraft rentals like kayaks and jet skis.

Cranberry golf course

The Atoka Club House possesses restaurants, outdoor seasonal adult pool, driving range and pro shop.


Some of the prominent features of this property are inclusive of tennis courts, outdoor and indoor pool, marina, fitness room, spa, golf course, retail shops, restaurant, hotels, camps for children and social program.

The designs of the property are inclusive of 2-storey townhouses, one level stacked, models of bungalow, reverse floor plan, loft master suite along with reserved outdoor parking. You can find a studio to 4 bedrooms in the place. The size of the rooms is within the range of 485 – 1800 sq. ft. The price of the property is in the range of $100,000-350,000.

If you are planning to buy a property in Collingwood, you could certainly opt for Cranberry property

For more information on Collingwood real estate for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.

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Mountaincroft Collingwood

Mountaincroft subdivision is one of Collingwood newest developments. Nestled in a attractive location with a wide variety of recreational and leisure activities. Located right between Blue Mountain and the Georgian Bay, the town offers the facilities and settings necessary for activities such as skiing, biking, boating, hiking golfing among others. Tourism is the foundation of the town’s economy.

Collingwood Mountaincroft

Therefore, there are some big city services found here too. Having begun as a hub for shipping and rail, the town has maintained its historical charm characterized by a collection of classic buildings. There are many neighborhoods in Collingwood. One of these is Mountaincroft. Discover more about it below.

Mountaincroft homes for sale

This is a well planned neighborhood. It is located at the Poplar Sideroad and High Street. It was constructed in phases and is close to necessities such as schools, shopping centers. Furthermore, it is only a few minutes drive from Collingwood town. Around the neighborhood, you can find leisure amenities such as hiking trails, snowmobile trails and ski slopes too. Also, a number of golf clubs, Blue Mountain Village and the Georgian Bay are only a few minutes away.

New Homes at Mountaincroft

The houses in Mountaincroft are single-family homes. There are two-storey models and bungalows. All the homes have basements. You can get houses with between 2 and 4 bedrooms. Moreover, the homes range in size from 1100 to 3220 sq ft.

To contact a real estate agent in the Mountaincroft subdivision company call 705-331-3341.

Mountaincroft houses for sale

The houses are built in a Craftsman style. This means that they have full brick or wood siding. Thanks to this form of construction, they are cohesive with the surrounding environment. There are different options for the interior and exterior design. As such, you can buy the style which suits your taste.

2 storey houses in this neighborhood have a starting price of $449,000. Bungalows begin at $509,900 and those with lofts start at a price of $660,900. All purchase prices are inclusive of HST. Moreover, the plans, house specifications and prices can change at any time.

Mountaincroft mls listings Collingwood

Our team provides clients with access to a variety of good quality homes. Our team can guide you such that you purchase historic, classic homes that will provide shelter and charm for decades. All the neighborhoods under our purview are located close to the harbour and the mountain. In addition to that, our home options provide a good place to raise a family or even retire. The neighborhood described here provides home-owners with a collection of amenities, lifestyle choices and opportunities too. It is a favorable place to purchase a home today.

For more information on Mountaincroft Collingwood in contact us at 705-331-3341.

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Lockhart Meadows
Lockhart Meadows homes for sale

Lockhart Meadows Collingwood

If you’re seriously considering moving to Collingwood and are searching for a quiet picturesque community to call home, you may be interested in purchasing a home in Lockhart Meadows. A master planned community which was designed and built by Sunvale Homes and features wide roads and a wide variety of comfortable two storey, 2-3 bedroom homes.

Collingwood Lockhart Meadows

This particular community is well suited to young families as it’s located within a stone’s throw of Admiral Collingwood Elementary School. So if you envisage sending your children to a local school, full of your neighbors’ children, you may have found your ideal community.

If you’re single, retired or child-free, you may also be interested in the community’s low maintenance single storey homes. Which offer incredible value for money.

Lockhart Meadows homes for sale

One of the community’s top selling points is its close proximity to downtown Collingwood as well as its proximity to Blue Mountain Resort. The latter being one of Ontario’s premier ski resorts. So if you love to spend your weekends on the slopes and are looking for a competitively priced home, which is located within a short drive of a top rated ski resort, continue reading.

To contact a real estate professional in Collingwood call 705-331-3341.

Lockhart Meadows town homes for sale

You’ll also love being located within a few minutes drive of a variety of a large variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants. As you won’t have to waste valuable time in order to go shopping or grab a bite to eat. As you’ll have a variety of amenities on your doorstep, you may even choose to leave your car in your garage in favor of taking a short 10-minute walk to your nearby shops and restaurants.

Lockhart Meadows houses for sale

If you enjoy spending as much time in the great outdoors as possible, you’ll also love the fact that you’ll be located within a short drive of a variety of world-class golf courses and hiking tracks.

Lockhart Meadows mls listings Collingwood

If you love spending time kayaking, sailing or swimming, you’re also in luck as Lockhart Meadows, is conveniently located on the southern point of Georgian Bay. If you are tempted by the idea of owning your own boat, which you can use to explore Georgian Bay, it’s well worth visiting Georgian Bay Marina. Where you can inquire about renting a long-term berth.

If you’re searching for a modern neighborhood which boasts attractive, easy to maintain homes and large backyards, it’s well worth contacting our team in order to discover a variety of properties, which you may be interested in viewing.

For more information on townhouse for sale in Collingwood contact us at 705-331-3341.


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Cranberry Harbourside Collingwood

Collingwood in South Ontario is located between the Georgian bay and Blue Mountains, and was earlier a major rail and shipping hub of Ontario. It continues to have a number of historical heritage buildings which attract a number of tourists. Collingwood is also famous for the year round recreation facilities that it offers like skiing, boating, golfing, biking, hiking and Blue Mountains are supposed to have the best slopes for hiking in the country. Tourism is the mainstay of the economy, and this makes Collingwood real estate ideal for retired people, those with young families, and others looking for investment rental properties.


Collingwood Cranberry Harbourside

One of the more well establishment areas in the town for real estate investors is Cranberry Harbourside Collingwood, which is located on the bay side of Highway 26. The area bordering harbour street, balsam street and Trott boulevard also includes the newer areas of Cranberry surf, shores, quay, the boardwalk. The area is close to the main town, yet in proximity to the waterfront and the boardwalk connects the area to the Hen and chicken island. The recreation centre has facilities for young children.

Cranberry Harbourside homes for sale

The Cranberry golf course is a 18 hole course where many championships are held and is associated with the Atoka Club house and Cranberry Golf resort hotel. The Cranberry Marina on the north side has docking facilities for up to 140 boats. The newer areas of Cranberry Harbourside like Cranberry surf, Cranberry Quay, Cranberry shores and the boardwalk were built during the period 1999 to 2002 and have a wide range of homes like bungalows, townhouses, condos, two and level houses. Some of the homes have a single or double garage for parking multiple vehicles.

Cranberry Harbourside condos for sale

Most of the the homes have two to four bedrooms. The prices of the homes listed for sale in the area varies from $250000 to $450000 as they have a larger area of 1200 to 2400 square feet. The condo fee range is between $200 to $400 monthly and those residing in the area have access to Cranberry Resort.

Cranberry Harbourside houses for sale.

The Harbourside and the Cove are the older area of Cranberry and are located close to the Collingwood harbour . The Harbourside includes East Harbour Street, 49, 53, 51 Trott while the Cove area includes 44 Trott Boulevard. The homes in this area are older and smaller than the homes in the Cranberry Harbourside, and were built during the period from 1975 to 2001. The homes available include town houses, 1.5, two, 2.5 storey homes, and two level homes.

Cranberry Harbourside MLS listings

These homes have one to three bedrooms and an area between 600 to 1900 square feet. As these homes are smaller and older, they are more affordable for real estate investors in Cranberry Harbourside Collingwood costing between $100,000 to $250000 per home. The monthly condo fee remains the same at between $200 to $400.

For more information on Collingwood MLS listings contact us at 705-331-3341.

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Blue Shores Collingwood

Blue Shores is a real estate development that is situated on the shores of Georgian Bay at the edge of Collingwood. It was developed by Kaitlin Group 2004-2016 and contains more than 200 homes. All homes are constructed with a stunning architecture that continues to attract many home buyers.

The attractive part of Blue Shores to many is that it is an adult lifestyle neighbourhood, catering to mature people. It is a quiet, friendly neighbourhood, on the outskirts of town but still walking distance to downtown. The homes are bungalows & bungalow lofts, with main floor masters, built with wheelchair accessibility in mind, so they are all one level living, with little or no entry stairs.

Collingwood Blue Shores

They do have full basements both finished and unfinished for extra living space. All have garages and nice size lots. The homes are single family freehold but the neighbourhood has condominium common elements. The grass and snow is taken care of by the condo corp, there is a Recreation Facility with both indoor & outdoor pool and hot tub, social room, library, workout room, games room and outdoor kids playground.

To contact a top Collingwood real estate office call 705-331-3341.

Blue Shores homes for sale

There are tennis courts out on a peninsula, walking trails and a full protected marina with deep channel and boat launch into Georgian Bay. The social community is also very vibrant and active at Blue Shores, with daily activities, from aquafit to pickleball and card nights, to social hours, and Christmas parties. This could be like living at a resort.

Blue Shores houses for sale

The homes are craftsman style with tall hipped roofs, single and double garages, wood siding and are landscaped. They have from 2-4 bedrooms above grade, 2+ bathrooms, open concept layouts, with eat-in kitchens, some with additional separate dining room, main floor master and ensuite. There are homes that are backing onto tree lines and others with views to the lake.

There are a handful of waterfront homes that have private docks and spectacular views of Georgian Bay. Prices start in the mid $400s for 1000sq/ft 2 bedroom homes and go up from there. Just 2 min to the hospital, close to restaurants, shopping, downtown, medical services, and many amenities. Collingwood is known for the outdoor lifestyle, with trails right outside your doorstep, beautiful Georgian Bay for boating, swimming, fishing etc, Blue Mountain is a 10 min drive for hiking, skiing, biking, dining and more.

Blue Shores MLS listings

If you are considering moving to Collingwood, or just would like the benefit of a detached home with your own property but without the outdoor maintenance, as well as the bonus of facilities and activities provided with a condo, this is a great option. Call us today to see what is available in Blue Shores!

For more information on Collingwood condos for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.


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Briarwood Estates Collingwood

Briarwood Estates offers a natural setting with views of the Blue Mountains. It is strategically located along the west section of the Cranberry Golf Course in Collingwood. The landscape of the neighbourhood is also very natural and the dwellings border on environmentally protected land or the golf course. These features have made this area one of most popular places to buy a house or investment property in Collingwood.

Collingwood Briarwood Estates

The natural setting of this area gives people the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air & natural features while at the same time enjoying the close proximity to town. The real estate market in Briarwood Estates, Collingwood has been growing rapidly in the recent past. The houses in this neighbourhood include; bungalows, townhouses, 2 level and 3 level. This is important because it gives people to choose the particular style they would want. These houses are available for sale for full time residents, seasonal/weekend use or as an investment property.

Briarwood Estates homes for sale

The sale prices range from $220,000 to $450, 000. Condo fees range from $300 to $500. The properties range in size from 1,350 to 2,300 square feet and these houses have from three to five bedrooms. Larger units may be sought after as seasonal investment properties. People living in Briarwood Estates can enjoy landscaped grounds, and snow removal on the property.

To contact a top Collingwood real estate agency call 705-331-3341.

Briarwood Estates condos for sale

The seasonal outdoor saltwater pool is an added bonus. These services are helpful as they let the people living in this area be able to enjoy the lifestyle of living in Collingwood without having to maintain a property. The houses in Briarwood Estates, Collingwood were built between 1988 and 1989. The neighbourhood has seen a lot of renovations on the homes to make sure the houses are in good condition and they have the modern amenities.

Briarwood Estates houses for sale

Our team has the ability to help people find different kinds of houses in this area. This is regardless whether one is looking to buy a full time residence, a weekend getaway or an investment property. We have been operating in this area for over a decade and therefore we are very familiar with the Collingwood real estate market. When customers who want to buy a house in this are come to us we listen to the needs of the particular customer.

Briarwood Estates MLS listings

Every person, couple and family is different and we will find the best fit for each client. We have helped many people find houses in this area and they are always satisfied by our services. So, if you are looking for a house in Briarwood Estates, give us a call to start your search.

For more information on Collingwood houses for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.


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Admiral’s Gate Collingwood

If you’re looking to purchase a spacious, luxurious home, you may be interested in house hunting in Admiral’s Gate. An exclusive waterfront community which boasts a wide variety of beautifully designed, manor style homes. All of which offer 3-4 bedrooms and range in size from 1200 square feet to 2300 square feet.
If you’re looking for a modern property, which will require little upkeep, you’re in luck as Admiral’s Gate was constructed between 2006 and 2009. As a result, each property boasts a plethora of modern conveniences such as underfloor heating which is a godsend during winter and in-home elevators. The latter of which will make navigating your home, on a day to day basis a breeze.


Collingwood Admiral’s Gate

Better yet each designer home features large open plan living areas and spacious decks, which are ideal if you enjoy hosting your friends and family members for dinner parties.

If you’re searching for a luxury property which offers phenomenal views, you’ll love the fact that each property boasts floor to ceiling windows, which offer unbeatable views of Georgian Bay. Just imagine waking up every morning to a stunning view of the sun shining onto Georgian Bay.

Admiral’s Gate homes for sale

Examples of some of the amenities and facilities which residents can take advantage of include a large, outdoor community pool and an outdoor hot tub. The latter of which, is the perfect place to soak after an action-packed day spent hiking, sailing or skiing.

To contact a top Collingwood real estate company call 705-331-3341.

Admiral’s Gate condos for sale

If you envisage yourself walking from your property to the water’s edge, you’re in luck as there are various walking trails which will lead you down to the water’s edge. So you’ll never have to worry about having to dodge luxury SUV vehicles, on route to Georgian Bay.

Admiral’s Gate houses for sale

If you own a luxury vehicle, which you’d prefer to keep covered when it’s not in use, you can choose to purchase a manor which offers an underground, heated garage. Which will ensure that your car is never exposed to the elements or harmful sea spray, which may cause your car to develop rust.

Admiral’s Gate mls listings

Better yet, each garage also boasts extra room to house sports equipment such as a kayak, a jet ski or a stand-up paddleboard. Which is incredibly handy when you live within a minute’s walk of the water.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury property to share with your spouse or you’re looking to purchase a home which will give your family the outdoors focused lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of, it’s well worth calling our team for more information.

For more information on Collingwood homes for sale contact us at 705-331-3341.


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22 Joseph Trail, Collingwood – Tanglewood Condo for Sale

This 2 bedroom Tanglewood Condo is centrally located in Collingwood, minutes to Blue Mountain and all the private ski clubs, to Georgian Bay and to many restaurants & shops.

With tranquil views of a protected wetland, Blue Mountain and Cranberry Golf Course it makes a great weekend ski retreat and summer vacation spot or full time residence.

In addition the condo has an oversized 1 car garage, perfect for storing all your outdoor sports equipment, a rare commodity. With new hardwood floors, freshly painted, tons of windows with Western exposure for afternoon sun & sunsets, a modern shaker style kitchen with granite counters & stainless appliances it is move-in ready.

The open concept living room, dining room, kitchen and patio are perfect for entertaining, featuring a gas fireplace with stone surround, 2 patio doors and pot lighting. Upstairs the 2 bedrooms on the upper level provide a quiet sanctuary to get away. The master bedroom is spacious with a beautiful view and has an ensuite with soaker tub, double sinks and separate shower, the second bedroom & second bathroom and stacking laundry round out the floor.

Most of the staple items are included in the sale, the dining room furniture and beds (mattresses only), the dishes, glasses & cutlery, pots and pans and small appliances. See documents for full list. So all it really needs is a sofa and you are ready to enjoy!

Great location, 2 bed, 2 bath, updated, with patio, garage, pool & views… Call me to view this rare condo today!

Jill Does
Sales Representative
Royal Lepage Trinity Realty Brokerage

– 2 Bedroom
– 2 Bathroom
– New Hardwood Floors
– Gas Fireplace with Stone
– Granite Countertops
– VIEW of Blue Mountain, Wetland & Golf Course
– Garage with Storage space
– Short drive to skiing, boating, golf, biking, restaurants & more!


10 Great Homes in Collingwood for Sale $450,000 – $550,000

Are you house hunting in Collingwood, maybe your just starting your search or just curious. Here are 10 homes that are currently for sale in Collingwood. If you aren’t currently working with a Realtor and have questions or would like to see any of these or any others in the area just let me know.

35 Reid Cres, Collingwood $479,900


Residential – Raised Bungalow! Great home with 3 bedrooms,1 Bath up, Plus a 4th Bedroom and a second full Bath downstairs. Living room and formal Dining area have a large bay window. The Kitchen has a second dinning area with glass sliding door that opens to the two tiered deck and yard with hot tub. For more living the basement has high ceilings and includes a large family room. This is a great family home in Cameron Street Elementary School Catchment. Also close to St. Mary’s, Collingwood Collegiate Institute and local trails. Updates include roof, decks, hot tub and more. Call today!

18 River Run, Collingwood $484,000

Residential – Great family home in residential area. This 2 storey home with main floor master bedroom with 4 piece and walk in closet, has a total of bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. Features large open concept living dining kitchen, with 10ft ceilings, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the upper level and 2 further bedrooms in the basement with bathroom,family room and laundry room. The home has an oversize single gas heated garage with inside entry. There is a large newly built deck at the rear of the house with built in hot tub and natural gas hook up for the barbecue. The home is close to all schools, hospital, YMCA ,trail system and downtown Collingwood.

25 Katherine St, Collingwood $485,000

Residential – Fantastic 4 bedroom home on a beautiful 81×132 foot lot in a prime location for families. Admiral School district, and a block away from the Arena and YMCA, this home has undergone many updates that have turned it into a great family home! Best of all, you will have to check out the back yard that is a true oasis: covered porch, hot tub, large new deck, and a double car man-cave (garage), complete with a large bar area. On the main floor you will find an updated kitchen, main floor master bedroom, 4pc bathroom, living room and dining room. Continuing upstairs, you will find 3 additional good-sized bedrooms. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own in this great location!

523 Hurontario St, Collingwood $489,000

Residential – Steeped in character, this century home in downtown Collingwood exudes old world and is truly a special place. With intricate millwork, original hardwood floors and large principal rooms, the custom workmanship stands the test of time. The home has been upgraded with newer shingles and furnace, brand new windows throughout, new A/C and hot water tank (owned) and new insulation in the walls and attic making this a very economical, sound proof home. In addition, the plumbing and electrical panel have been updated allowing you to spend money on the fun items like a new kitchen! The home is situated on a stunningly private full town lot in the heart of the downtown. At almost 400 sq ft, the fully insulated workshop with electrical is a handy man`s dream. Town zoning allows for an accessory apartment or bed and breakfast; the home`s layout would lend itself well to both as laundry room can be converted back to kitchen and the home has two driveways. A pretty piece of Collingwood history.

12 Lynden St, Collingwood $499,000

Residential – Lockhart Meadows! Beautiful 4br, 2ba home in one of Collingwood`s most desirable family neighbourhoods. Nearby trail system allows convenient access to Admiral School, neighbourhood park, YMCA, downtown and much more. Deceivingly spacious with almost 2000 total sf, this nicely appointed back split enjoys rare privacy courtesy of a generous yard backing to trees and green space. Kids will enjoy winter fun with the natural sledding hill in the back yard while adults will appreciate the entertainment value of the rear pergola and stamped concrete patio in the warmer months. There is ample raised garden space plus perennial edibles – strawberry, raspberry, currants herbs etc. The open floor plan allows excellent flow with the chef`s kitchen serving as the heart of the home featuring stainless appliances, gas stove and island. Book your private showing today! All sf per builder`s floor plans.


24 Davis St, Collingwood $519,900

Residential – Beautiful raised bungalow in sought after subdivision “creekside“ Fully finished Black Ash Model, with exceptional gardens and front porch. Upgraded hardwood flooring and ceramic tile on main level. Master ensuite has large soaker tub and a walk in closet. Kenmore appliances including a gas stove for the chef in your family. Generous sized room. Finished lower level with plenty of space for the whole family. Lower level can accommodate an in-law suite with separate side door entrance, 2 bedrooms and a full bath. Near schools, shopping and the many gourmet restaurants Collingwood is famous for. Book your appointment today.

7 Bryan Drive, Collingwood $529,000

Residential – Bright 3 Bedroom side-split home on quiet tree-lined street in sought after Lockhart neighbourhood. Close to Jean Vanier, CCI and Admiral. Newly renovated eat-in kitchen with breakfast bar, s/s applances, and walk-out to deck. Great outdoor enteraining space and large fenced backyard. Finished family room and office in basement. Steel roof withtransferable warranty.

103 Garbutt Cres, Collingwood $539,900

Residential – Meticulously maintained stunning home is situated on a premium corner lot in highly desirable Mountaincroft, close to all the wonderful amenities of historic Collingwood & Town of Blue Mountains. This family home features glowing hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings in the Great Room w/easy access to a stunning fully fenced backyard with custom deck & gorgeous landscaping surrounding the entire home. The chef-style kitchen w/bright dining area, truly the heart of the home, features upgraded cabinets, tiled backsplash, oversized center island, stainless steel appliances. Upstairs the rich oak stairs lead to a spacious bright Master w/its own spa-like ensuite featuring a large walk-in glass shower. 2 additional bedrooms, full bath & conveniently located laundry complete the plan. The private side door entry in this DERBY model design allows possibility to finish the basement as a separate in-law suite w/income potential. A fabulous home.

89 Niagara St, Collingwood

Residential – Executive and stylish ranch bungalow located in Collingwood. A short stroll to sunset point. Gorgeous oversized, private lot. This home has been extensively renovated and upgraded! New roof, new windows, new insulation, new siding….new everything! Not an inch that hasn`t been refreshed! Beautiful barn board accents, cathedral ceilings, built in surround sound and a smart nest thermostat. Under cabinet lighting in the bright and fresh kitchen with all new appliances. This home is deceiving from the outside! 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and just shy of 1500 sq ft. Detached single car garage with hydro and an additional storage building. This one is too good to pass up!

52 Highlands Cres, Collingwood $549,000

Residential – Great family home in sought after Georgian Meadows subdivision. Spacious 3 bedroom, 3 bath, `Hampshire Model` with 2,150 sq. ft. of finished living space. Large kitchen with breakfast nook and seating for 6 with walkout from the kitchen to backyard stone patio for entertaining family and friends. Mid-level Family Room is ideal for a home office/media room with a cozy corner gas fireplace to enjoy after a day on the slopes. Large Master Bedroom with 4 piece ensuite and relaxing corner soaker tub. Plenty of living space with many windows for natural light and an unfinished basement waiting for your finishing touches. Central air and efficient forced air gas heating, oversized single car garage with paved driveway. Only minutes to downtown Collingwood shops and restaurants, a short drive to Georgian Bay, Blue Mountain skiing/golfing and Village at Blue. Access to the many biking/walking trails & marinas this 4-Season area has to offer.


Or Call Me Directly 705-331-3341

Jill Does

Sales Representative

Royal Lepage Trinity Realty Brokerage



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What’s my Collingwood Home Worth?

Using the information you have provided I will look at what has sold and what is on the market similar to your home. If I need further details I will contact you. If you prefer by phone please make a note.

Without viewing your home in person I can only give you an idea of value based on other sales. If there are factors that will positively (upgrades) or negatively (lack of updates, smoking, disrepair) have an effect, it is best to let me know so I can take those into account, when telling you what you home is worth.

If you prefer to call me or email me with your details please do so, 705-331-3341 or click to email me If you are interested in listing your home in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury or the Blue Mountains call or email me and we can get you on the market as soon as you are ready!

Jill Does
Sales Representative, REALTOR
Royal Lepage Trinity Realty Brokerage


Places to eat in Collingwood

Collingwood is quickly getting known for having great restaurants. Even though it is a relatively small town the population swells throughout the year with weekenders, skiers, day trippers and tourists on vacation still the number and quality of restaurants is very impressive. There are many places to eat in Collingwood, and the food trucks have also arrived!

The Every year lately new restaurants have opened raising the bar and whetting our appetites. Some of the newest ones are:

  • Fish & Sips – Authentic British fare (the fish & chips are in a light crispy batter from a family recipe surrounding moist fish), in a stylish, fresh ambiance.
  • Bent Taco – looking for modern Mexican like in all the food tv shows? Well you gotta eat here then. This hip restaurant also has a great patio.
  • Sushi Hon – fresh and delicious, what more is there to say? Mmm sushi. The restaurant is large & airy, and can accommodate large groups.
  • The Strand – you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into New York City, chic & sophisticated. The food chic & sophisticated.

Of course there are the Collingwood staples:

  • The Iron Skillet (formerly Tony’s Iron Skillet) – with a constantly evolving menu from around the world your sure to enjoy.
  • Tesoro – traditional Italian food and modern takes on pizzas, paninis and salads.
  • The Smoke – the name says it all, smoked meat… meat and more… meat all served in a modern way.
  • Pie – carefully crafted modern pizza, cooked in wood burning fire in mere minutes.
  • Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen– with its own line of beer and fantastic food
  • Beaver & Bull Dog – a pub for the ski crowd, lots of space to pull up a stool at the bar and great pub food with a modern flare.

With so many great places to go, all with great friendly service and tons not even mentioned, you will have a great time exploring the food scene in Collingwood. Just another great reason why  to buy a home in Collingwood.


Jill Does

Sales Representative & Realtor

Royal Lepage Trinity Realty Brokerage


Homes for Sale in Collingwood

History of Collingwood

Collingwood, like many other Ontario towns has an interesting history, the officially this town started in 1858, with early settlers living here in 1832! But for years and years before that, Collingwood was Iroquois land.

Named for Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, Collingwood was incorporated in 1855, and a new railway connected Collingwood to Toronto for the transport of goods, materials and people. A huge shipping industry was started here in Collingwood (on the Nottawasaga Bay) in Georgian Bay, and connected Toronto through to the Great Lakes. It was an access point to the Canadian West as well as the United States, and was an emigration point so busy that there was an American Consulate here in Collingwood. With so much shipping, shipbuilding also became a major industry in Collingwood, that lasted a long time.

Collingwood continued to be known for its industrial facilities, with some major manufacturing plants, and more recently breweries, which are becoming popular, along with a very well known thriving tourism industry. Just on the outskirts of town Collingwood has its own airport, while it may not be the biggest one out there, it serves the area well.

Now Collingwood is best known for it’s tourism industry. It’s known for being a great year round vacation destination, with plenty of skiing and snowboarding as well as summertime beach activities, hiking, biking and boating to enjoy. With undoubtedly the best skiing in Ontario, outdoor recreation abounds with fresh clean water and air. The food and retail landscape has been keeping up to the demand of tourism and influx of city dwellers moving up for weekends and full time. With high end restaurants & specialty shops, so no one is left wanting. Collingwood is a great place to raise a family and have properties to suit everyone’s style.

If you are looking for more information about Collingwood, contact me, Jill Does


Jill Does

Sales Representative & Realtor

Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage



Get in the Christmas Spirit & Donate to the Food Bank

Join us in helping the less fortunate in our community this holiday season. We have just dropped off a Food and Toy Donation at the Salvation Army located at 162 Ste Marie St in Collingwood. Reaching out to those in need is what Christmas is, all about.

foodbankWe encourage you to donate too, also please share or like this post to help promote awareness of the Collingwood Salvation Army Food Bank. Our goal is to reach 1000 shares & likes of this post to bring awareness to the needy in our town.

Here is how to donate. Our Salvation Army Food Bank accepts donations Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., and Thursdays & Fridays 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


Jill Does

Real Estate Sales Representative, Realtor ®

Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage



Commercial Real Estate in Collingwood For Sale – 148 Pine St Heritage District

Commercial Real Estate in For Sale – Located at 148 Pine Street in Collingwood, this 2 story red brick Heritage Home is Commercially zoned, C-1.

A Prime location! Pine Street in Collingwood is a beautiful side street just behind the main st, Hurontario Street. Along Pine St you will find high end restaurants, specialty shops and businesses. The property is set between Second & Third Streets so easy walking to all of downtown.

Great location for a business, many uses open with C-1 zoning. Parking for 2 at the front and street parking. There are options for parking at the rear, call me to discuss that further.

Currently used as a duplex, 2 bedr0oms & 2 bathrooms, stacking washer & dryer, gas forced air heat & gas hot water heater on the main floor. The second floor unit has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, electric baseboard heat & hot water heater.

In “AS IS” condition, but lots of potential to convert to Commercial on the main floor and update the second floor for continued residential use.



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Blue Mountains Real Estate - Live where you play!

Homes for sale Blue Mountain ON

The Blue Mountains – Whether you are a skier, a snowboarder, mountain biker or golfer or you enjoy sailing, fishing, kiteboarding or a paddle on an SUP, the Blue Mountains are calling you.

The Blue Mountains has the best outdoor activities that Ontario has to offer and often is the east’s alternative to BC. Although not a town in the typical sense, The Town of the Blue Mountains is a beautiful sprawling area, and an amalgamation of many small hamlets, villages & towns. If you enjoy a breath taking view, you will have to a hard time narrowing down where to live here. You can look at the mountain, or into a valley, from the top of the mountain to Georgian Bay, or towards Collingwood & all the way to Tiny Beaches. You can have a waterfront home on Georgian Bay or river front, be in the middle of a forest, a quaint downtown like Thornbury or farmers field. Whatever you prefer you will find it on the Blue Mountains real estate market…

Since the Blue Mountains covers a large area you will find homes in a wide ranges of prices with reflective sizes, styles, amenities etc. The area is however known for beautiful custom homes and modern chalets. With the many private ski clubs like Craigleith, Osler, Georgian Peaks Alpine, Toronto Ski Club and Intrawest’s Blue Mountain Village (featured in the video above) along the mountain this is where many of the modern, sophisticated and often grand homes can be found. With Blue Mountain Village just minutes away for fine dining to Beavertails & Starbucks, and Collingwood about 10 minutes away for a full range of stores & amenities, the location is great.

If you are thinking about buying real estate in the Blue Mountains give me, Jill Does, a call or send an email & let me know what you are looking for. I can send you the newest Blue Mountains real estate listings as they appear online before they are seen on the public MLS system. Sign up now for the newest Blue Mountains real estate listings.

– Jill Does

Real Estate Sales Representative, Realtor ®

Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage


Do I need a Home Inspection – Part 2

When buying a home clients often will ask, do I need a home inspection, can I do it myself, what is best? As your Real Estate Agent we always strongly suggest yes, a professional Home Inspector should be used.


<- Do I need a Home Inspection – Part 1

Sometimes home inspectors find something more serious in homes for sale, luckily not very common, but it does happen.. They can find leaks that have caused mold & rot, old wiring, asbestos, structural issues like notched or rotting beams, foundation issues, etc.

In the case of the major issue, a re-negotiation can likely happen to compensate for the work that will be required to fix the problem. Thankfully this isn’t common.

The main exception to the renegotiation upon discovery of a major issue is a Power of Sale property. A Power of Sale (a non judicial type of Foreclosure, the term Foreclosure is more commonly used in the U.S.) is a property being sold by a bank or mortgage company, on behalf of a Property owner. These homes are being sold as-is, so generally a POS Seller will not renegotiate based on a Home Inspection. That being said, having a Home inspection done is still a very important thing to do for you the Buyer, to have a full picture of any deficiencies that may exist.

As in any industry there will be differences from inspector to inspector. Get references, talk to them, ask how they do the inspection, how long will it take (a 2/3 bedroom single detached home usually takes 2-1/2-3-1/2 hours) and how much it will cost. He or she will go into the attic, crawl space and up on the roof. Some are also certified to inspect additional systems like septic, do WETT Certificates or electrical, these inspections would also cost extra. The inspector should take photos of any findings & should provide a type written report. It should be long enough that they will provide a binder to hold it (if printed onsite), giving you a usb memory stick or emailing it to you.

A home inspection helps you to get to know your potential new home better, it should make you aware of any current or future issues, and advise you on maintenance items to help keep your property issue free. They can also give you ball park quotes for repairing items based on the contractors in your own community.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Collingwood please contact me, I would love to help you with buying your new property.

<- Do I need a Home Inspection – Part 1

– Jill Does

Real Estate Sales Representative

Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage


collingwood real estate

Do I need a Home Inspection?

Collingwood Real Estate tip: When buying a home clients often will ask, do I need a home inspection, can I do it myself, what is best? As your Real Estate Agent we always strongly suggest yes, a professional Home Inspector should be used.

In most cases buyers do not have the background or knowledge to be able to look at their potential home to see any defects that may exist. It is in your best interest to have a professional one done. Of course there are issues that most people will be able to list, it needs a new roof soon, has old windows, old furnace, moisture in the windows, etc. but a home inspector will be looking at all systems in the house from heating & hvac, to plumbing, wiring & electrical, insulation, appliances (if included), fireplaces, windows & doors, structure, exterior, roof, grading & drainage, and more. Don’t forget, a Home Inspector can’t see behind walls (and doesn’t have permission to open them up), but they look for indications of things that could be hidden from them.

grey highlands real estate

All home inspections will find things to be pointed out, if you are lucky the home inspection will find only normal age / maintenance related items like the furnace filter needs to be changed, down spouts should be extended away from the house, a carbon monoxide detector is required… And home inspections can act ask a reminder for what to tend-to on a regular basis, like emptying the leaves from the eaves, making sure all grading goes away from the house, checking smoke detectors regularly, running a dry sump pump yearly to make sure it works…

But things can be discovered, if they do exist hopefully they are small issues like GFI’s need to be replaced or installed, recaulking of Windows, tightening of a loose bannister, etc. these are items that a buyer should tend to.  In some cases some could be requested by the Buyers Realtor to be completed on/by closing, these are usually of a safety nature or something the Seller had claimed /advertised, but upon inspection didn’t work. For example including a dishwasher in the sale but it is actually broken, or no smoke detectors on the premises. Paying for a home inspection is one the best investments you can ever buy, especially when your end up not purchasing a home due to costly issues.

Sometimes home inspectors find something more serious in homes for sale, luckily not very common, but it does happen… to be continued

If you are looking for homes for sale in Collingwood please contact me, I would love to help you with buying your new property.

– Jill Does

Real Estate Sales Representative, Realtor ®

Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage


Summertime, Live where you Play – Collingwood Real Estate

Summertime in Collingwood, Live where you Play! Buy Collingwood Real Estate…

Collingwood Real Estate – Summer time in Collingwood has many different faces. The sun is shining and Georgian Bay is filled with sail boats, windsurfers, water skiers and families having fun at the beach. If water sports aren’t your thing, Collingwood is surrounded by several top notch golf clubs with beautiful fairways, breathtaking views & challenging greens for all skill levels. Collingwood is also known for it’s incredible 60 kms of trail systems that connect the downtown core to neighbourhoods throughout town, Sunset Point Park, Millennium Park, the boardwalk, Arboretum, the museum and more. Further the Georgian Trail is a trail system for hiking, jogging, sking & biking starts in Collingwood and runs 34 kms along the water all the way to Meaford, it has beautiful scenery & wildlife, it passes through parks, beaches and past restaurants & shops. There are also several mountain biking trails in the area, including 3 Stage, Kolapore and Loree Forest. Blue Mountain Village always has something happening from outdoor bands & entertainment, movies under the stars, zip-lining, mini-golf, paddle boating on the pond, eating on a patio and more! If your looking to slower pace, Collingwood has several music arts and food festivals all year round. One of the biggest festivals in Collingwood is Elvis Fest July 24-26, join in on the fun as 1000’s of Elvis fans fill the streets and enjoy nostalgic music of Elvis.

Come visit Collingwood this summer to see what the area has to offer. As many have discovered, Collingwood is a great place to live, Georgian Bay really comes alive with boating, sailing, fishing, windsurfing and swimming in the summer. More and more people are moving to Collingwood because of the great lifestyle, Live where you play. Collingwood offers small town charms big city amenities.  Contact Jill Does today to see what homes are waiting for you in the Collingwood.

Collingwood Real Estate

Jill Does, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage



Top 10 reasons to move to Collingwood

Why you should consider living in Collingwood?


Are you thinking about moving to the Collingwood area? It is a fantastic place to live, with a relaxed outdoor lifestyle balanced by great restaurants & shopping. Here are the top ten reasons to move to Collingwood;

  1. Fresh Air & Clean Water – The second you step outside you will feel the difference…. Fresh air, even on hot summer days smog is not a concern. The water is also clean & fresh. The beach at Wasaga Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag designation, an eco-label awarded to beaches in 49 countries, and just 24 beaches in Canada.
  2. Affordable house prices…. half the price of the GTA! According to the Toronto Real Estate Board the average price for a single family home in the GTA in April 2015 was $635,932, during the same time period a single family home in the town on the Collingwood real estate market was $334,067.
  3. Outdoor Adventure –While driving around town on any given Summer day, you will see roof racks loaded down with bicycles or kayaks. On any given winter day, you will see those same roof racks loaded down with skis and snowboards. You’ll soon realize the people of Collingwood live and play outside.
  4. Great Schools – Collingwood has some of the highest rated schools in Simcoe county, Public, Separate & Private both English & French.  They are also planning new specialized schools like Notre-Dame-de-la-Huronie.
  5. Top Rated Golf Courses -Collingwood is has several top rated golf courses all within a 15 minute drive. Monterra Golf, Batteaux Creek Golf Club, OslerBrook Golf and Country Club, The Georgian Bay Club, and Lora Bay Golf Club are second to none.
  6. Sailing and Boating – The Collingwood area has many Marinas to chose from, Ruperts Landing, Cranberry Resort, Thornbury Marina and the Collingwood Downtown Harbour Front. The latter has big plans of revitalization of the water front, that will drive the Market up in the near future.
  7. Cycling Trails – Whether  it’s casual bike ride on the Georgian Bay Trail or an extreme Down hill at Blue Mountain, you will not find a better variety of places to go biking to suit all skill levels.
  8. Living on Georgian Bay – Georgian Bay is one on Ontario’s most photographed bodies of water, for good reason.  There are several enclaves of homes scattered along its beautiful shoreline, from Craigleigth to the North, and Blue Shores to the South, there is  a home to suit you waterfront living dreams.
  9. Shopping & Restaurants – Collingwood’s quaint downtown has beautiful shops, boutiques and delicious restaurants. With highend clothing, sporting goods & home decor, specialty stores featuring cheese, olive oil, meat & desserts and finally restaurants with menues you’d find in downtown Toronto, people from all the neighbouring towns come to eat & shop here.
  10. The People – It might sound cliché but its true. As you walk downtown, in the parks or on the water, the people are friendly, greeting you with a smile and a friendly hello.  Its hard to beat its small town charm & outdoor lifestyle with all the amenities.

If you are trying to decide if Collingwood is right for you, spend the weekend and enjoy everything there is to offer.  It wont be long before you know what the locals know… it’s awesome here. SO much to offer in all four seasons. Call us today at 705-331-3341 to book a Collingwood Real Estate showing.

– Collingwood Real Estate

Jill Does

Real Estate Sales Representative

Royal LePage Trinity Realty

Sugarbush Real Estate – 2 Cayuga Crt

Year-round home/chalet in Sugarbush, 5 min to Horseshoe Valley Ski & Golf Resort

Sitting on over half an acre of land surrounded by soaring maple trees, ferns & trilliums, this raised bungalow, just 5 minutes from Horseshoe Valley Ski & Golf Resort, is a perfect year round home or chalet. Imagine relaxing under the stars after a morning of golfing at Settlers ghost, then an afternoon of mountain biking or hiking through the Simcoe County trail system, right from your own back door. Or you could be cozying up infront of the real wood burning stove on a snowy winter evening after a day on the slopes. Although the spacious toasty sauna might be calling your name instead…

Full MLS – 1547030

The main floor of the house is open concept featuring a large family room with a galley kitchen and dining room. The original horizontal wood panelled walls and wood burning stove give a modern rustic feel, while the large window and French doors to the sprawling deck add lots of light. The other side of the main floor has a full bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Downstairs in the walkout basement is a large foyer/mudroom, a family room that could be turned into another 2 bedrooms if desired. Another full bathroom and large sauna are down the hall. The unfinished laundry, storage, workshop room has an exterior door for easy access.

The property sits on a corner lot, but it’s so well treed the house from the street is invisible. While totally surrounded in tall lush trees, a nice little valley is filled with ferns and has a wonderful woodsy feel, there are also perennial gardens and cleared areas for your enjoyment. The back yard has a firepit where you can sit and enjoy the stars. It also has access to the Simcoe County trail system through a trail in the backyard to right across the street.

If your are interested in viewing this property please let me know and we can set up a showing for you. Don’t miss out on this little piece of tranquility….

Full MLS – 1547030

– Sugarbush real estate

Jill Does, Real Estate Sale Representative, Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage Collingwood





Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day fun for all in Collingwood, Thornbury, Blue Mountain Village!

Even though it’s a cool windy Canada Day the festivities continue all over the area! Whether you are interested in face painting & balloon twisting, antique car shows, air shows, magic, music, farmers markets you will find something fun to do today in Thornbury, Collingwood and Blue Mountain Village. Don’t forget fireworks at dusk!!

Canada Day 2015 Thornbury & Blue Mountain


While you are in the area if you are thinking of Buying Collingwood real estate let me know and I can give you more information about the area, the market and if you want the newest listings I can have them sent right to your inbox!

, Jill Does, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage. 705-331-3341

Nicely landscaped raised bungalow

4 Williams St, Collingwood

4 Williams St,  Raised Bungalow backing onto trail system

Collingwood real estate – SOLD – Located in the highly sought after Admiral school district, this all brick raised bungalow has greenspace across the street, leading to trails, the Lockhart Meadow pond and a playground new summer 2015. The backyard has a treeline at the back with a fire-pit and the Collingwood Trail System running behind. This trail provides walking access to schools and downtown.

The open concept former Sunvale model home, has only been lived in for 3 years, it has hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, skylights, pot-lights and a large kitchen. The spacious kitchen has a large island, shaker style wood doors and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen is open to the dining room with a sliding door out to the bbq deck, and the sunny livingroom with skylights. The main floor also has a master bedroom with a large walk-in closet, a 2nd bedroom and a bathroom with stand-up shower and large soaker tub.

The finished basement has over 9 foot ceilings with pot-lights, a large family room with gas fireplace, a spacious 3rd bedroom with an oversize walk-in closet. A full bathroom, an unfinished laundry & utility room and storage area round out the basement.

The property is oversized at 204′ deep, it has a nicely designed walkway surrounded by beautiful perennial gardens. The single car garage has inside entry and a mezzanine for extra storage.

The Lockhart Meadow subdivision built by Sunvale Homes, is in a quiet neighbourhood, it is a family oriented area, close to schools, trails, shopping, the hospital and the highway.

If you are interested in buying or selling in this neighbourhood, Collingwood real estate or this area please contact me, Jill Does or 705-331-3341.

Collingwood Real Estate, Jill Does, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage

wasaga beach real estate

709 Oxbow Park Dr Wasaga Beach

Cute year round cottage for Sale! 709 Oxbow Park Dr, Wasaga Beach

Located on a quiet treed street just 5 minutes to the beach. This little cottage is on a double wide lot, 100 x 101′, with large mature trees, a fire pit and it’s fenced. There is access to the Nottawasaga River right across the street for fishing, canoeing & kayaking. The four season cottage is well laid out, it has vaulted ceilings, real wood panelling, it has open concept living room, dining room & kitchen with a gas stove for heat. There are 2 bedrooms, one with a double bed and large closet, the other with a double futon style bunk bed. It has lots of storage space including a large pantry or closet, built-in cabinets in the kitchen & living room and is being sold fully furnished. At the back of the property is a newer shed that has a poured concrete floor, giving you plenty of space to store all your bikes, lawn mower etc.

In 5 minutes you can be sitting on the beach (Beach 4 is the closest) watching the sunset or taking a dip in beautiful clean Georgian Bay.

You can relax in the backyard under the shade of the trees, there is plenty of space to run around or build a beach volleyball court! Walk across the street and drop a line in the river and watch the ducks swim by, or hop in your kayak and take a paddle down the river. In 5 minutes you can be sitting on the beach (Beach 4 is the closest) watching the sunset or taking a dip in beautiful clean Georgian Bay. In the winter you can use the cottage as a chalet and go skiing or snowboarding at Blue Mountain in just 25 minutes or hop onto snowmobile trails all throughout the area, winding through Wasaga.

Just 1-1/2 hours to GTA, 30 min to Barrie for shopping & restaurants, 25 to Collingwood for skiing, shopping & restaurants.

If you are interested in the Wasaga Beach real estate market, a cottage or home, or this cottage please contact me and I can give you more information or show you this or other properties. Jill Does,, 705-331-3341.

Wasaga Beach Real Estate, Jill Does, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage

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Finding Collingwood Realtor®

 Use a Professional for one of your biggest purchases, Work with a Realtor®


Purchasing a property can be fun and it can also be overwhelming. It is likely one of the biggest individual
Collingwood Real Estate Paperwork purchases of you life. The best place to start your search is finding a Real Estate Sales Representative, Realtor®, to help you.

By being represented by a Realtor® you have a professional that is working for your best interests. By having a Professional Real Estate Sales Representative (previously known as Real Estate Agent) working on your behalf you will also have access to listings before the public, they will have local knowledge, they can show you comparable sales, they will properly prepare offers, aid in the fulfilment of conditions and they will negotiate the best deal for you. They will tell you any information they know about the property but will not disclose your personal information such as finances & motivation. You will have consistent service & support throughout by dealing with just one Realtor®, your Realtor®.

By being represented by a Realtor® you have a professional that is working for your best interests.

Every Real Estate deal is different a Professional Real Estate Sales Representative has experience with the ins and outs of real estate sales, and knows how to handle the unexpected issues that come about. It can be an unfamiliar

Professional Real Estate Sales Representative

Professional Real Estate Sales Representative

and emotional journey and your Realtor® will guide & support you through the process.

If you are looking for Collingwood Real Estate I would be happy to help you with your search. I will help you from finding homes for sale in Collingwood the Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach and surrounding area that fit your criteria to negotiating offers to closing the deal. The purchase of your new home is very important, just email or call me an we can discuss the process and your options.

Collingwood Real Estate

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Collingwood MLS listings


Collingwood Real Estate tip – Get the newest listings right to your inbox!

Collingwood mls listings search
Do you regularly search for MLS® Listings? We have got a great automated system that will notify you of new listings, before they hit the public MLS System.

Whether you are looking for listings in Collingwood, the Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, or anywhere else in the area you can be the first to know about them!

This is how it works, you tell me what you are looking for: cottages, condos or homes for sale in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountains, etc, the min house size, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, whether you need a garage or not, freehold, land lease or condo, and any other must haves, waterfront, fenced, greenspace and of course your Maximum price.Collingwood mls listings search

You will be sent a notification email when new listings are posted on our real estate board, which is at least a day, if not a few days, before it will appear on the MLS® listings.

All the listings that are compiled for you, will be stored on your own personal webpage, so you will have all the information and photos for each listing right there. Your webpage will always be up to date, so as prices change or things are sold, you will see it right there. You will also be able to delete listings or save them. You can make notes about each one or send me a note about a property. If your criteria changes it can be updated at any time.
Collingwood mls listings search

Once you have a few properties that look good, we can go out and look at each one. The next step will be putting in an offer!

If you are thinking about a move to, or within the Collingwood real estate market, email me  your details and you can start receiving the newest listings right to your inbox today!

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Collingwood MLS® Listings

collingwood real estate

Tips to list your home in Collingwood

Tip – Get your house ready to list! It’s Spring!

March 21st marks the first day of spring!! After a record breaking winter, spring’s arrival is welcome. Despite the cold temperatures and snow the Collingwood Real Estate market has done very well, with Collingwood, the Blue Mountains, Meaford, Grey Highlands, Wasaga Beach & Clearview boasting the best January for sales since 2004, and up 39.1% from January! February had an increase of 16.3% so within average expectations for the month, but a drop from previous months. This seems to be due to an overall lack of active listings, down 25.5% from this time last year (February new listings are down 21%), so not a lack of demand or Buyers but a lack of home to choose from.

If you have been considering listing your home now is the time. Spring is the perfect time of year to list, and with the low inventory you will have a better chance of selling your home. Give me a call and we can discuss how to prepare your home for sale, things to do to sell your property for the best price and I can explain the process. If you will also be purchasing in the area we can get listings together and begin looking at houses for sale. We have a great automated program that can send you properties as they are listed on our board, before they hit the MLS system. It’s a good idea to do this even a few months ahead of when you will be buying so you can have a good grasp of the market.

Don’t let the Collingwood real estate spring market pass you by, call or email me today.

Fun Winter things to do in Collingwood

Collingwood Real Estate tip – Fun winter things to do in Collingwood.

When you have lived in a town for awhile you can forget to look for new things to do, or forget about the things that initially drew you here. Or maybe you are new to town, or thinking about moving here.

Even during the winter the outdoor activities in Collingwood abound. While the lake is frozen over you have to take a trip down to the Collingwood grain elevators, it is totally different than in the summer. Right now there are lots of fishing huts of all sizes and styles out on the ice, if you are lucky you may catch a fisherman in action. Without the commitment to buying all the gear you can actually do a rental, and have a fun authentically Canadian winter experience. If fishing isn’t your speed there is also a skating rink right out on the lake, in spots the ice is so clear you can see through feet of thick beautiful ice.Collingwood Real Estate

As you stand there you can see the waterfront condos at The Shipyards, Cranberry, Rupert Landing & Lighthouse Point, all with spectacular views of the vast frozen Georgian Bay. Beyond the shoreline you see the beautiful snow covered Blue Mountains in the distance. Up There you can enjoy a day of skiing at one of the many ski hills, or go hiking or snowshoeing in the snowy forest. You can go cross country skiing along the Georgian Trail you could continue along to Thornbury for a drink.

Collingwood is a great place to live, with lots to do, a fun outdoor lifestyle and people that take advantage of it. If you are thinking of moving here to start living the Collingwood outdoor  lifestyle then contact me and I will tell you about the Collingwood real estate market and how you too can live where you play!

Collingwood Real Estate

Almost Spring on Georgian Bay

Collingwood Real Estate tip: 25 days until Spring! It’s time to start getting your house ready to list!

It’s just 25 days to the official start of spring! If you’re considering putting your house on the market, you should start preparing your home very soon, because you don’t want to miss out on the high time for home sales. Getting your house ready to list can sometimes take longer than you expect, so getting a jump on it is a good idea.  A good way to kickstart you & motivate you, is to look at homes for sale on the market where you are intending to purchase. By starting to look it will show you what the market place is like, what you competition will be like and also get you in the mood and ready to want to list your house, because you see where you’re headed. It will also give you a more realistic point of view when you are deciding how to price your home. (I provide my clients with information about Comparable Properties and together we find a list price).

Collingwood Real Estate Comparables

for sale

When you are at other houses, pay attention to what you notice, these are the things that others will notice too, and at your house as well! Things like organization, lack of clutter, cleanliness, fresh smell, new paint, quiet doors etc., will actually help the sale of your home. For more tips on getting your home ready for sale read my article “Listing Your Home”. If you are almost ready to list, contact me and we can talk about the process & how to prepare your home for sale. We will also look at what’s on the Collingwood Market, to use as comparable listings, to help choose a competitive list price. We can also begin the search for a new home at the same time, so that you are ready for the next step as well.

Call or email me and we can discuss listing your home.

Collingwood Real Estate - For Families

Collingwood is a place for Families

Why Collingwood is a great family town…

Collingwood is a great place to raise a family. There is a welcoming community feeling thorough out town. Most people that live here are from somewhere else and have moved here specifically for the outdoor lifestyle & the urban flavour of town. It is a safe, affordable place with fresh air and room to play.

There are a many of support systems and groups for new parents, as well as new social circles that will naturally develop from daily family outings to the park, coffee shops & baby swim class. Once the little ones are starting into programs there are lots of organized activities from the standard swimming, music & dance to soccer, science, trampoline & skiing. Living in Collingwood you can’t ignore the call to the outdoors that originally brought most here. You will find families out & about Collingwood with babies & kids in tow, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snow shoeing, biking, paddle boarding and every other outdoor activity there is… It is perfectly normal here to see a 3 year old with a ski pass.

The schools are great, with French language, French Immersion & Extended and English Public, Catholic Separate and Private, all the options are covered. As well as 2 high schools in town.

Collingwood Real Estate - For Families

Collingwood Real Estate – For Families

Between the town of Collingwood and Blue Mountain Resort, there is always something going on. It is a fun place to live, with family activities & events, from free skating, an evening Santa Clause Parade & tree lighting ceremony, holiday fireworks, live entertainment, festivals, tall ships, Elvisfest, tons of Summer & March Break camps, and more.

The Collingwood Real estate market is a family friendly market with a majority being two story homes in Collingwood, lots start at 40 x 100 on average and go up from there, so there are yards for kids to play. Through-out town there are kids parks, including a large one at Sunset Point. There are a number of newer subdivisions, so you will get a home with a 1 or 2 car garage, finished basements are likely, master with ensuite, often they will be fenced as well. With

lder homes you will generally get larger lot sizes, mature trees & landscaping, finished basements are likely but garages are hit & miss. The century homes will usually be on larger lots, many have been updated, a walk to downtown, mature trees & landscaping, basements & garages are less frequently found.

The town is a great size it is big enough for lots of amenities, activities and programs for families, but still small enough that there is a community feel and you will quickly start to recognize people.

If you are thinking of moving to the area I can send you listings of the newest properties as they come on the market, email me at There are lots of great areas to live in in Collingwood and you and your family will love it here.



2995 10 Nottawasaga Con N

Collingwood 3rd Annual Family Weekend Home Tour

Collingwood 3rd Annual Family Weekend Home Tour

Collingwood Real Estate Events Saturday February 14, 2015, Royal LePage Trinity Realty Brokerage presents the 3rd Annual Family Weekend Home Tour. 9 homes and condos across Collingwood will join together to have an Open House Tour. At each property you can view the home or condo, have a refreshement and get maps to other locations on the tour.

I will be hosting my listing at:
10 Nottawasaga Concession N – $479,900
Full MLS Listing : 582610067

The other Properties on tour are:

129 Hume Street

3 Collship Lane

9 North Maple Street

19 Dawson Drive Unit 39

23 Dawson Drive Unit 113

22 Mair Mills Drive

2995 Nottawasaga Conc 10

7909 Poplar Side Road

109 Stanley Street

If you are interested in something else in the Collingwood  then let me know and I’d be happy to help you. If you want to sign up for the newest listings before they hit the MLS system email me and we will get you set up today.

Hope you can stop by the Open House!

Here is a bit more info about my listing:

Sorry, no listings matched your criteria


collingwood real estate

Family Day in Collingwood

It’s Family Day in Collingwood

Collingwood Real Estate: Family Day Weekend is going to be a big event in the Collingwood  area.  Along with all the great outdoor events like skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and skating, there will be a Royal LePage Trinity Family Weekend Home Tour on Saturday February 14th from 1-5 pm, it is a one day event to showcase the latest listing in the Collingwood, Blue Mountains and Wasaga Beach area.

Check back for more details as properties are added to the list. It is sure to be a great display of homes in different areas and price ranges. I will be showcasing 2995 10 Nottawasaga Con N, Collingwood, just around the corner from Fisher Field, so please stop by!



Collingwood Real Estate Royal LePage Trinity Family Weekend Home Tour



Real Estate update 2015 Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach Real Estate:  The new year is just around the corner and the Wasaga Beach Real Estate market is just gearing up.  Wasaga Beach has a very unique pattern when it comes to real estate sales.  The remaining homes listed in 2014  will probably see a price drop to create a notification to local realtors.  This is an excellent opportunity to snatch up the cottage or home you have been eyeing up for the last year.  With a new year comes a fresh start and new decisions.  A lot of cottage owners that are on the fence about selling their real estate use the new years as jump start to get down off the fence.   There is also the New Years resolution crowd.  Home owners make resolutions such as, “We need a bigger home” or ” We need to down size”, all good reason to watch the January listings come out of the gates full throttle.


Real Estate Update 2015Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach has something for everyone, standard builder neighbourhoods, Beach Front Condos, Cottages, Beach Front Homes, River Front Homes, seniors developments to Custom Built Golf Course Homes.  Standard builder neighbourhoods range in price from $150,000 to $400,000.  Senior Developments range from $100,000 to $180,000.  Beach Front Condos range from $300,000 to $600,000. Cottage range from $120,000 to $500,ooo. Beach Front Homes range from $450,000 into the multi millions.  So no matter what your budget there is something for everyone.

Let me help you find your dream home or cottage in 2015.  Send me an email or drop me a line at 705-331-3341.   The 2015 Wasaga Beach Real Estate Market is about to jump into a new year and  it’s time to make the resolution come true.  Buying or Selling Wasaga Beach Real estate is easier when you have the right agent contact me today to get the year off to a fresh start.


collingwood real estate

Historic Collingwood Homes

Collingwood Real Estate: Driving along the streets of Collingwood you will notice a large number of century homes that have been well maintained & restored. This is due to the strongly held beliefs of the town & local historical society. They have had a major influence in maintaining an historical feel throughout the architecture of the whole town including new buildings. It makes for a beautiful town with character, differentiating it from other small towns. As beautiful as they may seem, restoring historic homes is not for everyone. The following is a list of items that you need to research if you are buying a Historic home in Collingwood.

Historic Collingwood Homes

One of the most important and one of the most expensive items  is the home’s foundation. The majority of century homes in Collingwood do not have a basement, some come with a crawl space and some with just a utility room. The first item to check is the construction of the foundation. Foundations today are made of concrete and rebar, most century home foundations are stone and mortar and there are some made of Cedar piers. Cedar piers are the most prone to failing, due to moisture on wood, which creates rot or deterioration. We always strongly recommend a credible home inspection, but for century homes you might also want to include a structural engineer during the inspection process. If you have a concrete foundation be sure to inspect if there are any areas of cracking. Cracks in foundations can lead to moisture entering the basement or crawl space. If you do see cracks and moisture you need to address these areas as soon as possible, leaving it for even a season can lead to major issues, so correcting the issue as soon as possible is important to maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

If you are starting your search for a Historic home on the Collingwood real estate market please contact me at 705-331-3341.


Springwater Real Estate

796 Penetanguishene Rd Springwater Ontario

Springwater Real Estate – Sitting on 0.7AC just outside of Barrie, this fixer upper has lots of potential. The quaint 1-1/2 story house has a covered porch, above ground pool, country views and a large shop with a garage & workshop. The house has a updated & open concept kitchen & family room with vaulted ceiling and French doors out to the pool. The wood stove will keep the house cozy. There is a main floor master, full bath and laundry room. The upper floor has 2 additional bedrooms. The basement is unfinished & appropriate for storage.

Located just outside of Barrie this piece of Springwater real estate gives the convenience of Barrie living with an affordable country lifestyle.

For the full listing MLS 583620040

To view this property or get more information about the Springwater Real Estate market please contact me, Jill Does